Future4Prima Launches Horizon Europe Project: Executive Board Sets Agenda for Mediterranean Innovation

In a landmark move, the first executive board meeting of the Future4Prima Horizon Europe project convened to set the stage for collaborative efforts in the Mediterranean region. The meeting, held virtually, aimed to align activities and tasks, select the Advisory Board, and establish enrollment criteria for stakeholder board members.

The Future4Prima stakeholder board, comprising EU and international programs with thematic or regional focus akin to the PRIMA program, will play a pivotal role in aligning Research and Innovation (R&I) priorities. By fostering synergies and mitigating duplication, the board aims to enhance the effectiveness of initiatives across the region.

Furthermore, the second stakeholder board will focus on cultivating an innovation ecosystem in the Mediterranean, a crucial step towards sustainable development and economic growth.

  • Alignment of activities and tasks
  • Selection of the Advisory Board
  • Establishment of enrollment criteria for stakeholder board members
  • Creation of an innovation ecosystem in the Mediterranean
  • Expansion of the geographical reach of the PRIMA program to include new countries and funders
  • Mapping of existing Research and Innovation (R&I) programs and projects in the Mediterranean region