🌿 FUTURE4PRIMA Initiative Sparks Dynamic Conversations at Green Era Hub's Annual Socratic Dialogue Event in Rome🌿

Amidst the inspiring setting of Rome’s Ministero delle Politiche Agricole Alimentari e Forestali, the Green Era Hub (GEH) recently hosted its Annual Socratic Dialogue Event, uniting a diverse array of participants. 

Regional representatives, members of the Green ERA-Hub network, and stakeholders converged for engaging discussions centered on the evolving landscape of European joint programming initiatives and networks, particularly in anticipation of the next EU Framework Programme.

With a keen focus on enhancing opportunities for Eastern European and Balkan countries, the event served as a vibrant platform for fruitful exchanges on research and development cooperation, transcending borders and sectors. 


Participants from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Hungary, North Macedonia, and Serbia explored potential synergies with emerging EU partnerships, including the Agroecology Partnership, Animal Health Partnership, and the FUTUREFOODs partnership.

🤝 Playing a significant role in these discussions was the FUTURE4PRIMA project, capturing attention for its pivotal contributions to shaping the dialogue. Antonella Autino, the initiative’s coordinator, offered insights into the ongoing endeavors of the PRIMA Program and underscored the objectives of the FUTURE4PRIMA project. 


Noteworthy among these goals is the project’s ambition to extend PRIMA’s outreach to the Balkans, fostering international collaboration in sustainable agrifood systems and integrated water management within the European Research Area (ERA).

Guiding discussions on funding and national research experiences was Maroun El Moujabber, a senior officer of CIHEAM Bari and chair of the PRIMA Program’s scientific advisory committee, also serving as a partner in the FUTURE4PRIMA initiative. 

His wealth of expertise provided invaluable perspectives, steering participants towards forward-thinking discussions on the future of research and collaboration in the agri-food and biotechnology sectors.

This event stands as a testament to the transformative impact of collective engagement and collaboration in advancing sustainable agriculture and driving innovation across the Euro-Mediterranean region.